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ESD Awareness

ESD Procedures and Anti-Static behaviour

Teacher: Thato Mongalo


All employees must be aware of the quality policy and the organization needs to ensure that the requirements it contains are understood, implemented and maintained.

Teacher: Thato Mongalo


1 Purpose

1.1 Reunert Limited is committed to a policy of compliance with the laws of South Africa and the maintenance of the highest ethical and professional standards. (A reference in this document to “Reunert” refers to Reunert Limited or to any operation that forms part of the Reunert Group, as indicated by the context.)

1.2 This document establishes Reunert's position in respect of the Competition Act and is intended to inform employees of the Reunert Group on Reunert’s policy in respect of employees’ interaction with competitors, customers and suppliers.

1.3 Section B of this document sets out Reunert’s policy principles. Section C deals with guidelines that are intended to explain and clarify each of the elements of the policy. These guidelines apply generally to the conduct of employees of the operations.

1.4 Annexure “A” of this document contains procedures, based on the Reunert Competition Law Policy (“Policy”) and related guidelines. These procedures prescribe the practical application of the Policy under specific circumstances. There are procedures for each of the following:

1.4.1 Competitor interaction and industry associations

1.4.2 Dealing with the operation’s documents and correspondence

1.4.3 Contact from the competition authorities

1.4.4 Unannounced visits by the competition authorities (“Dawn Raids”)

1.4.5 Price setting

Teacher: Thato Mongalo


Corona viruses can cause mild (e.g. similar to common cold) to more severe disease (e.g. MERS - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and SARS – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). A new corona-virus disease emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and is called COVID-19.

With a rapid spread of the virus, employees need awareness training in the workplace to mitigate the risk of contracting the virus and stop its spread.

Therefore, the training and awareness intends to educate employees on the symptoms of the virus, how they can protect themselves and their colleagues, and what measure to be taken if they or a colleague has been exposed.

Quality Awarenes for Reutech Personnel

In this course, learners will learn how to speed up production, eliminate waste and save time (and money) by obtaining a thorough understanding in Quality Awareness and Quality Control as related to the production line.

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